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Living In Your Own Mind

There’s no right or wrong way to express yourself. Some of us just tend to do it a little differently. I’ve always kind of lived  outside the box. It was never … Continue reading

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A Moment In Time: Daytona Beach

Written long hand in my notebook on July 17th, 2013. Let me encapsulate a moment for you. Picture the stunning panorama of Daytona Beach, from the shore looking out. I’m … Continue reading

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The Truth About Stars

Warning: This post makes reference to stars. It’s been a year for the ages in my small world. I can count the months back on a finger, and I was … Continue reading

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Bada Bye: Remembering James Gandolfini

Hollywood is reeling.  We’ve lost James Gandolfini, who took with him a talent that, even in death, won’t get the press it so clearly deserves. He was a different breed … Continue reading

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The Best Movie You Didn’t See Last Year

Paul Thomas Anderson has never been one to lay bare the point of his films in any obvious way. He paints master class puzzles in human depth perception and leads … Continue reading

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The Desert Life: Part 1

  Note: Quite a lot of the questions I get about Vegas relate to strippers, drugs and gambling.  I’ll answer those up front, just so we can get on with … Continue reading

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Dying To Live, Living To Die

I spend quite a lot of this blog space explaining my views on death. It maintains a thread within my posts that I don’t necessarily intend. Even in funnier diatribes, … Continue reading

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