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Kids Today

A funny thing happens when you spend time around kids. You remember what its like to be blissfully ignorant. It’s a quiet, poignant  reality check, the way they live inside their own world, still have the fearlessness to ask questions, to test their limits. Its something we lose in the transition to adulthood, replaced with political correctness, with entitlement. While they’re young, we get to live vicariously through them. But, there’s a caviot. We’re  aware that the beauty and innocence of childhood have to end. Like us, they will one day come to find out just how negative and shameless the real world is. And when they do, they run the risk of becoming the same jaded, weary souls we border on being ourselves.

I got to spend some time with my young cousins this week. To say they’re happy, out going children is an understatement. They live out the days with an endless sense of wonder. They play. They dance. They sing. There’s no such thing as embarassment in their eyes. It’s the joy of life, the anticipation of adventure, so many qualities I let go of along the way. I felt a little like Robin Williams in Hook this week, a “grown up” who can’t remember how to be fearless, how to use my imagination. It was good for me, because it empowers my belief that we’ve all gotta work on making the world a better place, at regaining some of that child like wonder. It’s important to remember that we’re shaping the society they inherit every single day.


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