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The Death Of Individualism

I have numerous opinions you might find unacceptable. When I say “you”, I’m merely referring to the probability that someone reading this probably falls under a very specific umbrella of political and religious thought. Why? You probably know me, and therefore live where I live. I gauged responses from the more polarizing posts I’d made on Facebook in the past two years, and the results are painfully telling. If you lived near me, or grew up here and moved, you were more prone to a defensive reaction. If you were a Facebook friend from up North, like my buddy Mike Blackman, you were more open to discussion, or to, hold the the phone, agreeing. Harvard based studies have shown that based on where you live, how much money you make, and what your denomination of faith is, you adhere to one or more of the same convictions and principles.

You’d love to think that if you were born somewhere else, raised under different disciplines, you’d still end up with the ideology you have. But you know, at the core of you, that its highly unlikely. Your way of thinking, statistically, is at least partly molded from the world around you, more specifically, the small town or big city where you came up. So if Dad was a devout Catholic, whether you claim it yourself or not, you still understand the case specific guilt complex that comes with sin, one that isn’t as foreboding if, like me, you had been raised a Protestant. We have our own stigmas, though, like alcoholism and gluttony. Let’s be fair. Everybody gets one. We are prone to do and feel things based on what we know. The bottom line is, there’s not individualism in the mix. There are far too many people who rely on the “mass thought”.

I know what I’m getting into when I post about how I don’t mind gay marriage, or how, even though I don’t do drugs, I think people have a right to do them. I live in the Bible Belt. I am expected, in a lot of ways, to fall in line with the popular thought. I find this funny, because as a Christian, my views are fairly independent. Some people call that heresy. I call it reading the Bible. I am expected to be a Republican who believes in the merging of religion and government. In reality, I am socially liberal, fiscally conservative (we call it LIBERTARIAN) and I think government poisons religion, so I advocate keeping them as far apart as possible. As soon as I post something about any one of these subjects, I can always expect a Bible verse and lengthy response. I can always expect no one commenting at all, for fear of agreeing.

And I think that’s sad as hell. We’ve become so inclined to just be like everyone else, to simply follow the crowd, we don’t allow ourselves to THINK independently. We assume that if enough people think a certain way, it must be true. I’m not a Christian because my parents are. I made that decision. I’m not a Libertarian because its popular. I researched it for about two years, and came to that conclusion. I’m not anyone else but me. That doesn’t make me better than you or anyone else. BUT, it does give me a vantage point that I don’t often think others allow themselves. I can look at something objectively, without inserting a bias. It’s freeing. What I’m advocating is the idea of questions. Ask them. Ask them often, and about everything. Don’t be afraid of the answer. Learn to be someone who isn’t a carbon copy. It doesn’t matter what views you espouse, just make sure they’re your own.


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This entry was posted on August 22, 2013 by in Life In General.
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