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God Without Filters

I don’t much like Christian music. It typically comes off as big business schmaltz, tailor made for the soccer mom crowd. I never could find the substance of my own faith in its limited arena.

This song, however,  became a quiet anthem for me. Mindy Smith chipped away at the veneer, all the showy pomp and circumstance of flashy Christian imagery, and she got down to the heart of what I believe, that there is water for the thirsty, that sometimes the light in our darkness is but one, cracked bulb hanging by a thread.

I see God very differently than most believers. As such, I look for music that sits well with my grasp on it. I don’t get preachy much. I understand the damage done by a lot of well meaning people who miss the mark. But I’d say if you looked to one song that articulates the basis and power of what quieter people of faith adhere to, look no further than this.


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This entry was posted on May 11, 2013 by in Music.
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