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The Danger Of Art

Art, to me, is about danger. It’s about challenging everything. If you get caught up in playing it safe, in coloring inside the lines, you risk damaging the power of your mind. Your mind is an endless hub of creativity, where ideas are born into reality. You have to respect what comes out of it. Even the most harrowing and off putting of ideas have their place in your output. If you’re me, those are the ones that take front and center.

I’m more attracted to the ideas I have that put me at risk of rubbing someone the wrong way. That danger is attractive to me. It interests me because its provocative in nature inherently. My goal, in terms of writing, is always to challenge the reader, to make them think, even to confuse them. Why, you ask? Because confusion means you’ll ask questions, important questions, questions you might otherwise have never pondered. And if my stupid blog or a screenplay can make you ask yourself big, powerful questions, I feel like I’m doing something worthwhile. That’s my art.

Your art may be teaching, and hopefully you love to challenge those young minds. Maybe its law, and you perfect the best manner in which to exonerate a client. Maybe its ardent atheism, and you’re really good at convincing people that God doesn’t exist. Whatever your art is, don’t play it safe. Make it matter. Make it mean something. If not, what’s the point? A pay check is good. A pay check earned for making a difference, that’s paramount territory.




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