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An Open Letter To High School Kids

An open letter to high school kids:

The stuff you think is important now will probably be the last thing on your mind in ten years (TRUST ME). Whatever feels so dramatic and life threatening in your current moment, its going to be something you laugh at yourself for later. The things that matter, love, true friendship and wisdom…..those are things you don’t attain or receive easily. You will spend your entire life learning how they work. And this is not the best time in your life…not even close. You will experience more in the ten years after high school than you could ever imagine. The world is an interesting, confounding place….and this is coming from a twenty something. Hell, imagine what I don’t know. I’m only ten years out of the dark you’re in.

The thirty somethings will post something about how little twenty somethings know. The forty somethings will laugh at the thirty somethings answers. And so on…until the ninety something speaks up and says “you’re all wrong”.

The bottom line: You’ll never stop learning. You’ll never stop discovering who you are. It goes on and on.

Don’t get stuck in the moment you’re in.



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This entry was posted on May 6, 2013 by in Life In General.
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