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Are You Easily Offended?

This blog is the print equivalent of a base jump for me. I’ve decided that its time to say some of the things typically reserved for those I feel closest to, those who I’ve never minded being vulnerable and completely honest around. If that doesn’t sound like a tall order, just wait until this page is on the ground and running. You might love me now, but chances are, I’m going to get under your skin. How do I know? It’s happened before.

There’s a sense of urgency I’ve had lately, a sense that if I were to just stay quiet in the face of sheer idiocy, I’d be committing some kind of cardinal sin. And I just can’t abide that, not now, not when the world has managed to get so out of sorts. The truth is, I kind of like stirring the pot. I like the ripple effect of a good conversation. And if that means I lose some friends, or I make you question something, so be it. Life’s too short to play it safe.

This is my polite warning, my “parental advisory”. If you’re offended by colorful language, politically incorrect dialogue, or you’re some kind of legalistic Pharisee, don’t even begin to read what comes after this message. I’m not interested in your moral legislation, your Focus On The Family endorsed code of ethics, or that your unsupervised pre-teen accidentally viewed the blog. I’m interested in creating something challenging and out of the box.

If you’re game for such a blog, welcome aboard. I look forward to the conversations, to the expected dissent. I look forward to eye rolls, to the shaking heads, all of it. Let’s take the gloves off…….



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This entry was posted on May 5, 2013 by in Life In General.


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