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America: You’re Doing It Wrong

I think what disturbs me about American politics is the sense that, for the most part, I don’t think anybody knows what the hell they’re talking about. If that sounds like an overly simplified generalization, let me explain:

There’s a long ass line of people we that make up what we call the United States government. Somewhere down the line of talking heads, way passed the “important” people, like our President, there are movers and shakers at a base level, who cook up the bullshit that will land at our feet to be labeled under  “issues”. Someone, with their hand on a large, well guarded red button, makes sure that you and I eventually hear about these things. It’s all engineered and discussed, filtered through focus groups and polished before it reaches our fragile American ears. Just before it gets to us, though, it conveniently finds its way to the corporate news stations, those God fearing beacons of honest journalistic integrity.  Those assholes, who don’t actually have a personal opinion that doesn’t involve money, spin the issues based on the political affiliation of their stations owner, even though they claim to be bipartisan.

Americans, made up of about 70% spoon fed conformists, will, based on their regional environment, religious back ground, and financial status, pick one of these major corporate news stations to view. When they make their selection, whatever is said on the chosen station becomes the gospel truth, regardless of how much it resembles anything like it. Each stations ardent fan base memorizes the talking points of their respective favorite anchor or host. They then proceed to regurgitate the exact words of that anchor or host to everyone within a thirty mile radius. Considering the distance, the people who view other news stations hear this regurgitated information, which (surprise, surprise) doesn’t sound like theirs. They begin to regurgitate the information received from their station in response. Each side is now repeating what they believe to be the truth, except that they only know what they’re told. At some point, all the information, in its various “interpretations”, is argued.

When the dust has settled, and with no clear winner in sight, the separate parties turn away. They go home, microwave a TV dinner, and they watch their favorite news station, knowing tomorrow is the day they  will win the war of words.

That’s it. That’s the entire issue in a small, convenient nut shell. If 70% are conformists, the other 30% are what I like to call “the believers”. We’re the folks,  on either side of aisle, who really do believe in the American dream. The difference between us and the majority is that we do our homework. We read Ayn Rand AND Emma Goldman. We make friends with people who are as diametrically opposite from us as they can be. We don’t scream at each other when we debate. We sympathize with opposing viewpoints when we understand why someone has them. Our goal is not to be right. Our goal is to help make our country a better place. We do that by searching for common ground, by looking for holes in our own arguments. If the percentage of us were higher by even 10, we’d be making some real headway. But, sadly, we’re not the ones on your corporate news station. We don’t think Rachel Maddow is ballsy. We don’t think O’Reilly is a badass. We realize that they are cartoon characters, designed to make us watch television, to make us buy the things in the accompanying commercials. We realize that they have jack shit to do with America. It doesn’t matter what we know. We’re in the minority.

The idiots are gaining more ground every single day. Protect yourself.




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This entry was posted on May 5, 2013 by in Politics.
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