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Monthly Archives: May, 2013

The Desert Life: Part 1

  Note: Quite a lot of the questions I get about Vegas relate to strippers, drugs and gambling.  I’ll answer those up front, just so we can get on with … Continue reading

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Dying To Live, Living To Die

I spend quite a lot of this blog space explaining my views on death. It maintains a thread within my posts that I don’t necessarily intend. Even in funnier diatribes, … Continue reading

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A Voice And A Banjo

Sometimes a voice and banjo can say more in four minutes than a pretentious writer can in one book. This project has been on repeat in my car for two … Continue reading

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The Underrated Quarter Life Crisis

When I wake up these days, I seem to hear that Talking Heads Song, “Once In A Lifetime”, bouncing around my head. It’s the cluelessness of my quarter life mind … Continue reading

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God Without Filters

I don’t much like Christian music. It typically comes off as big business schmaltz, tailor made for the soccer mom crowd. I never could find the substance of my own … Continue reading

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The Danger Of Art

Art, to me, is about danger. It’s about challenging everything. If you get caught up in playing it safe, in coloring inside the lines, you risk damaging the power of … Continue reading

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Ryan Adams Decimates Love In 5 Minutes

I often tell people this is my all time favorite song by anyone, ever.  That’s not a lie. “Come pick me up  Take me out  Fuck me up  Steal my … Continue reading

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