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The 11 Lyrics That I Love Most

I’ve been asked recently, challenged really, to write up the lyrics I feel are most important to me. There were a lot of songs to choose from, but this is … Continue reading

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The Counselor: A Review

Films, like all art, are subjective. An audience sees what it wants to see on a screen. They take in what a writer, what a director, intends from a place … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad: Final Thoughts

(Note: This a spoiler free review of the entire series) I’m a self confessed flaw addict when it comes to TV. The bulk of my favorite television shows revolve around … Continue reading

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Faith And Me

  Faith is standing on the edge of everything you can see, and stepping off. It’s coming into contact with every fear you’ve ever known, and more that you don’t. … Continue reading

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Kids Today

A funny thing happens when you spend time around kids. You remember what its like to be blissfully ignorant. It’s a quiet, poignant ┬áreality check, the way they live inside … Continue reading

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The Death Of Individualism

I have numerous opinions you might find unacceptable. When I say “you”, I’m merely referring to the probability that someone reading this probably falls under a very specific umbrella of … Continue reading

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I live a quiet life, a little world I’ve carved out with my wife and a few close friends. It’s something hidden away from the bigness of society, something I … Continue reading

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